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What is NLS diagnostics


We work with a system of quantum physics, which means NLS stands for Non-Linear System and is used to create a holistic diagnosis of the cause, why something in our body is no longer true or, better, what causes us to become ill. (What is the reason and not what is the symptomatology) The development of the NLS analyzer comes from Russian scientists and was originally developed for the Russian Space Program. The method we also today actively applied in space travel in Russia and USA.


Quantum physics has given humanity a completely new view of the world. It shows: Everything is vibration, matter is also vibration. From an energetic point of view, objects represent a multidimensional vibrational body. Vibration measuring devices capture everything in the world as a frequency pattern.


The NLS analysis system was developed for the human organism and its therapy. It scans the human energy body as one also scans the transmitters via the frequency searcher of a radio. It uses a sophisticated software to detect vibration patterns that not only distinguish individuals from each other, but also recognize their respective health status. Each organ or organ system generates its specific frequencies, resulting in specific vibrations. Healthy bodies and organs vibrate in a certain way, diseased bodies or bodies whose energy is blocked swing "differently".


The NLS analysis system recognizes the differences and assigns them medical-diagnostically relevant causes. The NLS analysis system is a revolutionary system with high resolution accuracy. The holistic view captures the body from the smallest to the largest

Unit. (DNA -> cell -> organ -> body). The NLS analysis system does not detect the symptoms, but immediately identifies the cause and builds the treatment directly on the

Cause as a basis.




It's a client-friendly method: fast, painless, safe and non-invasive.

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