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Already in my youth I visited different healers who accompanied me in my difficult stages of life and challenges. These healers have always seen in me also the talent to heal people medially and made me aware of it. Since there are no coincidences in life, I picked up the thread and followed this destiny. 


In 2020 I completed my training as a healer. When I started practicing, the activity fulfilled me so much that it was clear to me that this is really my calling. Energy work as a method, is a valuable contribution to the maintenance of health and offers valuable opportunities, accompanying traditional classical healing methods. Today I hold daily healing sessions and accompany people through illnesses, stressful exam times, recovery processes of all kinds, after serious accidents and much more.



I came to cause-diagnostics because I had big problems with my skin since my childhood. The causes were quickly found and the sympthoms did not show up anymore. This fascinated me so much that I did the training as a cause diagnostician, in order to be able to help people and animals in a holistic way.


The work as a healer makes me today. My vision is to reach even more people and to create balance in us humans and nature. 


Martina Zürcher


"A new kind of thinking is necessary if humanity wants to continue living.."

Albert Einstein

(1879- 1955)

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