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During my work in the development of a process that converts minerals and trace elements into a bioavailable form and makes them available to the cells, I have dealt extensively with the function of our body.


It is fascinating how complex everything is and how everything is connected and how it interacts perfectly in balance.


Unfortunately, we are over external influences, such as personal comfort, stress, environment, and diet, etc., completely out of balance, that is, the body can no longer bring itself into balance and the designated self-healing mechanisms are no longer sufficient, this Restore balance.


I was self-afflicted, as an asthmatic, pollen allergy, and with chronic back pain. Then I heard about quantum healing and got myself treated with NLS diagnostics. This treatment completely cured me again.


I now want to pass on this experience. It is possible and I am the best example. Therefore, I have decided to devote myself to the treatment of people.


Tom Muhlheim

"A new kind of thinking is necessary if humanity wants to continue living.."

Albert Einstein

(1879- 1955)

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