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BBD Cooking

After years  From experience we see again and again that when clients stick to the nutrition tips, nutrition is an essential part, accompanying the treatment, they also reach their goal faster.

dr Karl Probst says that with the right diet, we no longer have any interference fields that disrupt our own self-healing system. It is important to support this self-healing potential and nutrition is an important helper.


Unfortunately, sugar, meat and dairy products are the cause of many symptoms, even if they taste good and are part of our daily diet.


Well, that sounds like vegan, - but it's not about promoting veganism here. It's about his body  right to  to chat. If we have a car, we don't fill the petrol engine with diesel either... otherwise the engine will no longer run in the long run. That's how it is with us humans. We need the right FUEL.


However, since we were very much influenced by the tastes, smells and consistencies of the meals we grew up with, it is difficult for many to adapt. With our posts on YouTube, we want to show how you can simply conjure up great dishes that taste good and  are not different from mother's kitchen.  Below you will find recipes whose preparation you can follow on YouTube.  

We wish you a lot of fun cooking.

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